Sunday, July 30, 2006


Friday has been, by far, the most tumultuous day. Ever.
Such mixed emotions. Went to college sleepy. Got sleepier still throughout the course of the day.
What thrill unqualified professors seek from teaching, and getting 300 other disturbed, break-starved, over-stressed yet obedient students to attend, is still a mystery to me. And yes, I'm very nice to my kind. So there we sat, learning data transfer through modems and entities and relationships, while the relentless rain provided the perfect background score.

Lunch was good. Thanks to food.

Would have been better, if four long hours hadn't succeeded it. Takes the whole joy outta eating, believe you me.

Luckily, after learning more about preemptive job scheduling (I like the look on your face....) and avoidance of deadlock (ah, even better now), and admiring some wiseguys' insight on polygon clipping (marvelous..I wish I had a camera), the horrendously long day was almost ending. Two more hours. And I'd be home free.

Two hours went as fast as two hours could go.. Irony. Yes.With a capital I. Time was conspiring against me that day

So, finally, after learning a few Linux commands,( cat, it seems, is not just an animal but a very important tool to create new files. Now how many of you knew that? Anyway, lets keep cat to be the furry cute frisky thing. Makes living easier) I was out! Liberty, I love thy glory. Yeah so,... you get the point.

And then of course, the most entertaining part of my current educational life, is the means by which I get to the educational hub. My carpool. The 11-kilometer one way journey, full of laughter, case-taking, sarcasm, and loud music. However, that day, the traffic really bore on our nerves. Some drivers would be dead, if it weren't illegal to randomly shoot people on the road. And I was really tempted to give certain few a piece of my mind, but expressing opinions vociferously is just not something I have been brought up to do.

Finally, I do reach home. My humble abode. And then, I seek solace in my bed. And my fluffy, yellow blankie. And after 2 hours of deep sleep, its all good again. For a while atleast ;)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hurt. Anger. Revenge. Betrayal.

Love.Tranquility. Friendship. Trust.

Look around.

Look within.

Writers block.

Today has been a crappy day.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


It happened in less than a second.
It registered much later.
And yet she did not move.

Crunched metal. Shattered glass gleamed. Blood made abstract patterns on the asphalt.
And somewhere, she knew, was his body.

Her mind was numb. The entire accident played in her mind, a never ending movie. It did not make sense.

Her legs carried her over to the scene. Burnt rubber stung her nostrils. Nausea rose within her.
Her lungs burned. She couldn't breathe.
And then, she saw him. He lay mangled. His right leg bent at a terrifying angle beneath him. And his eyes were cold. Vacant. She shuddered.

The nausea threatened again.

She rode with him. Destination now changed. It reeked of sweat and old cushions. But the smell of blood filled the interior. She gaged.

It had been an hour. The blood had soaked her clothes, and yet he bled. It trickled down, from the gash, like water from a faulty faucet.

He had support now. Oxygen. She did not want to know whether he inhaled any or not. He had oxygen.

The monitor simply stared back at her. The line danced, and his heart beat. It was the only proof of his existence.

Silence. It engulfed her. But it had been anything but silent. She could still hear the scream. It had been laden with pain. She never liked bikes.

He was always the risk taker. He used to laugh at her timidness. He laughed loudly. He loved life. Yes, he very much did.

She recoiled at her minds use of past tense.
The monitor brought her back to attention. She stared. Could it be?


It was a straight line now. It stretched to infinity.

Nausea threatened again. Tears stung.

No, she screamed. No, No, No!

They were sorry.

The curtain fell.

And there was no applause.