Monday, August 16, 2010

Why do these tears dry up in me?
They seem so scared to fall,

Lest they stain your rich black shirt,
and leave a trail of love

* Blame the tear jerker movies *

Monday, August 02, 2010

Those little hopes,
That warm my heart,
A leap of faith,
In a world seemingly dark,
An urge to make those dreams come true,
But a little scared, confused and blue.

Big philosophies and tales of success,
Overwhelm me, I must confess,
Sometimes I wonder if I have the nerve,
To rule this world, on my own terms.

I seek comfort while craving the wild,
Inside I am a lost little child?
In a crowd of faces I wish to glow,
And if you ask me How? I do not know.

Words of wisdom fall flat on my ears,
And those of critique heighten my fears,
"What do you want in life?" you ask,
I pause to answer, but my mind's a blank.

I have a thousand voices in my head,
Some yell, some soothe, some seethe, some beg,
Each goal they set for me to chase,
I run after, ambitious, unfazed

I am torn between clashing odds,
Which way to go, which river to cross,
Do I really know what's best for me?
Can I confidently boast of such clarity?

I fret, I aim, I aspire, I pray,
At times, I wish, someone would lead the way,
But I know this is my path to tread,
And I must believe if I have to succeed.

And here I go, with all my might,
To that day where choices prove right,
Cause every tussle must have a win,
Triumphant eyes and a big fat grin.

So, if this phase lasts for a while,
I know I'll keep swimming through,
And someday I'll look back and smile,
And say, "Well! Wow! Whew!"