Monday, July 09, 2007

The thing about girls...

Well I'm surprised I never wrote on this topic before! Having been the crush-er, the crush-ee, the cupid, the adviser, and the sympathetic shoulder!

The few things said. Sure most girls can relate ;) Guys can well .... enjoy!

Scenario #1

A : You so like him!
B : No I don't! He is such an ass I tell you! I hate him.
A : Yeah, right! You love him!
B : Idiot! Can't he just reply once! *sigh*
A : *laugh* You are so into this guy!
B: I hate him okay? Now shut up!

Or it could be like....

Scenario # 2

A : So, I heard someone has a crush!?
B : Who who?
A : You!
B : *blush*
A : I do think you are gonna go out with him!He's perfect! He's much better than all those other losers you had crush on! It's gonna work out!
B : Don't jinx it!


Scenario # 3

A: Man! He's adorable!
B: Oooohhh..!! So just ask him out!
A: I can't!
B: Why not? Are you too chicken? *giggles*
A: Noooo.... there's another girl!
A + B: Bitch!


Scenario # 4

A: He thinks of me as a good friend
B: Ewww
A: I know... this sucks!
B: Hey, his best friend is kinda cute too you know...
A: Yeah? Actually....

and finally...

Scenario # 5

A: He thinks you are not his type
B: Hello? I'm a girl! How can I NOT be his type?
A: Gay?
B: I'm gonna die single!

I'm expecting comments on this one... :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The eyes behold
the dreams of a mind
A spirit wishes
to be immortalized

Don't steal my dreams
Don't say it's a lie
Let me breathe
I feel alive

The week that was....and one that will be

I landed a job.

My best friend got an Airtel.
( Money has suddenly become more important to me. Saving it that is )

Taj Mahal is one of the New Seven Wonders.

I will be...


Drinking champagne on my cousins 25th birthday

Getting away