Saturday, January 24, 2009

Of that can be.....

A thought a minute,
every day, every night,
Smiles and tears,
of happiness and fright

The silent longing,
The wish, the hoping
Light, then darkness
Rising and falling

Caught in a cage,
of the minds own,
This love, this want,
To have and to hold

And the eyes speak,
what wishes to be said,
The heart then flutters,
from the touch it lead

Such are these feelings,
powerful to be shown,
Yet daring to go beyond
Times barriers unknown

So set sail,
In a realm of dreams,
A journey then begins,
Of possibilities

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A million stars sparkled in the sky.
I stood alone. I stared. Their beauty lost on me.

And a part of me ached.

Not the heart wrenching kind, when you cry till you have no tears left.
But the kind in which the tears stay in your eyes, unnoticed, unless someone looks closely.

The dull, soft kind.

The kind that stays with you for small periods of time. Everyday.

The kind you talk yourself out of, only to be reminded once before you sleep.
And once when you wake up.

The kind that you smile through, so no one thinks you are weak.
So you don't think you are weak.

The kind that makes you wish you could turn back time, take back words, and change your feelings.

The kind that proves irony.

The kind that makes every moment enjoyed, larger than life, yet fleeting.

The kind that lets you breathe, but never that deep.

But it is also....

The kind that makes you accept.

The kind that empowers in the strangest of ways.

The kind that makes you fearless even while losing the battle.

The kind that makes you appreciate the beauty of honesty.

The kind that shows you the power of love.

The kind that makes you believe in a better tomorrow simply because you lived truly.....your today.