Saturday, June 04, 2011

Oh, Uneasiness!

Oh uneasiness, how you tease,
you come and go, as you please!
You mock, you dance, with mirth you laugh,
amused and gleeful, at this tumultuous heart!

You cast a shadow, you bring a tear,
your force is baffling, no wonder so feared!
A sly little creature, Oh you are,
a prey of the mind, what a predator you are!

You swirl and sway, in the maze of my thoughts,
I try to fight you, but never are you caught!
Smooth and silky, you know your way,
How I wish you would just go away!

Oh uneasiness, you shrewd cunning Devil,
Fortunately, I've learned to fight you right,
I'll sparkle with a force so sure,
Ha, you'll be banished with that ray of light!