Sunday, December 13, 2009

For that small, flitting grain of time....

I wish I could write a mindset altering piece.
One that would make people believe in existence of good. One that would bring goosebumps. One that will sear irrational convictions to bring about a radiant flush within the mind. Write words that would evoke feelings of togetherness and harmony. Words that deftly yet subtly signify some meaning of existence and humanity, providing solace to troubled, questioning minds. Some father would keep it, hoping to inspire his child. Some mother would read it, just before she kissed goodnight. And maybe some young adult, would wipe away a tear, smiling wistfully as he acknowledged the truth, the one he knew deep inside and the one that I'd written. A naive young teenager, would use it to calm herself, when she felt that tussle between her mind and heart. And somewhere, few of the words would be inscribed, in rock, for the world to see, and feel..... forever.

I wish I could dance on a big stage.
A combination of ballet, salsa and contemporary. Throw in a jumpy jive too, while I'm at it.
It'd be an exhilarating, new choreography, fresh and meaningful. Wear a beautiful dress, one with tassels and a flare. A dress that would encircle the waist with each spin and then flare out. And silver stilettos. The dance, the music, the theme would thrill the audience, draw them in, and leave them with a feeling of having made the best investment of money. The critics would describe it as "Sensational" and aspiring dancers would emulate. And it's essence would be captivating, and used in creative forms, to entice... and so would erupt a feeling, that could only be described as indescribable.

I wish I could be whisked away.
To an exotic location. With exotic food.
And spend the evening dining with a man, who is head over heels in love with me.
We'd discuss literature, movies, life, him, me and all that with potential of making the experience unforgettable. Oh, and there would be flirting too. The witty, classy type. And the plain cheesy. He'd wear the perfect shade of white. And have the mischievous, lop-sided, dimpled grin that would melt my heart. And then he'd ask me to dance, and we'd end the evening with a rumba on Celine Dion's Falling into You.

I wish I could live a million lifetimes in each breath.
I wish each emotion could be wholly expressed.
I wish my words could be written into a book.

I wish I could strike a chord within your heart.
I wish you'd smile when you saw me laugh.
I wish my glow could light your way.

I wish I could live on in your dreams...
And be unforgettable...
If not for a lifetime, you'd at least remember me,
For that small, flitting grain of time

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Manhood and Haha-ness

So there's a group of three guys and a girl hanging out one night. The usual gibbering lead to an interesting topic. The talk was regarding the killing of dolphins off the coast of Denmark, by young teens, as a sign of attaining maturity and proving their manhood.

The conversation went something like this.....

Girl: Sick man. That's just appalling.

Guy1, Guy2, Guy3: I know. Sick.

Long Pause.

Guy1: Sick.

Long pause.

Girl: Well, if they really want to prove their manhood, they should just get a girl pregnant. She gets pregnant, and there, you have cleared all doubts. Done.

Guy1: Actually!!

Guy2: Hmm..true!

Guy3: Really!


Guy3(while looking up at the ceiling): But then the human rights activists would come running.....

Girl: I didn't mean forcefully dude!!

Uproarious laughter.

**The Dolphin killing in Denmark is probably true.

Friday, December 11, 2009

I can't understand why people make such a big deal out of their first love.

Is it not your last love that's important?

That's the one that lasts.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

And I shall believe...

I'm an ardent believer of positive thinking. I believe in laughing loud.
I believe it when they say all ends well.
I believe it when they say every moment in life is worth cherishing.

I clap when the hero rescues the damsel from a cruel, disgusting looking villain. ( No, I don't believe he can save the world. I'm sensible that way).
And I believe in happily ever afters.

Hell, I'll believe any sappy-triumphant story you tell me. Be it of life, love, humanity, compassion, ambition.

And then I realize I don't live in a three hour motion picture.

I see that sometimes it's too late for all to be well.

And some moments in life are better best forgotten.

I see that heroes get sidelined by caste, creed, and money.

And a happily ever after... is like an adult version of the Santa Claus.

I see that mere resolve fails to make a heroic story. And deciding to save the world or whatever you hold in the highest esteem, doesn't happen by you saying, "Hold on, I'm coming!".

But you probably knew that already.

I, however, stubbornly refuse to give up my right of clapping, cheering, and saying, "Ha! I told you so!".. because you see...

Even if it's lie...
Say it will be alright...
And I shall believe....