Thursday, September 11, 2008

The thing

"You still have this?!?", she asked incredulously.

"Yes, why?"

"It's so old! Didn't think you'd still have it around!", she said.

"Why not? What did you expect? That I'd throw it away?", I being incredulous now.

"Well, YEAH!", she exclaimed.

I frowned.

"I mean, it is nice. But that's about it! Does it even serve any purpose now? Plus, it takes up so much space! It's always in the way! Don't you think you're better off without it?", she asked.

I scowled.

"Welcome to the modern world honey!Nice doesn't cut it anymore! You need fast, efficient, functional! Time for an upgrade! And YOU are the one in the techie industry. YOU are supposed to keep pace.But you act like an, what do they call it, obsolete version?", she laughed.

"It's pathetic how you try to make techie jokes. Leave it to us geeks! Not that I'm implying I'm a geek".

She smirked.

"But that's besides the point. It's not about it being old, and serving some purpose, which by the way it did, some time ago. But... I've grown used to it. I'm... comfortable with it. It's comfortable".

I paused.

"And, I'm not a geek!"

"Correction! It was comfortable! I mean, look at it. The thing oh, its horrible! And the only one who seems to care about having it around is YOU. God alone knows why.Have you seen what the world has been coming up with while you decide to stay loyal to this... thing?!", she asked.

"It's not a thing!"

"OH MY GOD! It IS a thing!". She punched it. "See, NO feelings!"

"Well, yes, that way it is a thing."

"O.k, I'm waiting for you to start making sense here. And I'd love it if you hurried up!"

"Fine... but I don't see the point, because you aren't really going to agree. But here goes, ...I've had that "thing" around for a long time. I remember I was so excited when I first got it! I sat with it for a whole month! I was addicted! I thought it was the best thing ever! Absolutely fabulous, and way ahead of it's time! And though, it has become outdated?... I still like it. It reminds me... of how happy I used to get playing around with it. Hey, don't look at me like that! It's perfectly normal to get attached to "things"! It's only human! And you are one to talk! You kept that silly old..."

"OOOOKAY! Don't get started on that now! One thing I tell you and you never let me live it down!The embarassment just never ends!"

I giggled.
She sighed.

"I'm not saying it's unnatural to get attached to things. Hell, I do! But there's no point in doing so, if it ends up being a pain!See, you try fixing this thing like every month. It's fine for sometime, and then it's baccck to square one. And you get upset, because you have spent so much time, energy, money on it, so you expect it to run fine, but that thing doesn't give two hoots does it? DOES IT?" she said, actually yelled the last bit.

"Well.... maybe if I tried...."

"NO! No try, I beg of you. Just junk it. We'll go shopping today!Babe, you have not seen what's out there! We live in a very cool world. And you want to act Nomadic. I mean, the whole cave woman thing is sexy, but not in this context."


"As in, you can try the whole wild ...."

"I know what context you meant it in!"

"Oh ok."

We laughed.

"So, you are junking it right? Please throw that thing out, I can't stand the sight of it!"

"I guess you are right. It does demand a lot of attention. And it is not at all co operative. And I don't like non co operation. From anything", I winked.

"Now you're talking! Ooo yeah ooo yeahh!!"

"You are an idiot!"

"I'm just happy!You are silly.Crazy!"

"The respect is mutual"

"Sooo... what are you going to buy? I saw this really cool one the other day, it was so hot!"


"Yes, H-O-T. Like hot man. What you asking "Hot"?"

"I thought "things" couldn't be hot!"

"Anything can be hot!"


** A modified conversation.
A pretense. A story.
Inspired. True.
Said it................Said 'nuff **

Monday, September 08, 2008

Life...and some music....

I've been swimming in a sea of anarchy
I've been living on coffee and nicotine
I've been wondering if all the things I've seen
Were ever real, were ever really happening

Everyday is a winding road
I get a little bit closer
Everyday is a faded sign
I get a little bit closer to feeling fine "

We sang on the top of our voices. We sang without caring if the neighbours heard us, if we were off key, if we lost our voices.

Completely surrendered to the song and to Sheryl Crows view on life.

It felt nice that somebody famous could be so relatable. If thats a word.

And of course, we were not on nicotine.

We all knew that we'd have to go back to our "life" but it felt good to be away from it. Not to be mistaken as depressed. We didn't have anything to be seriously unhappy about. But we were tired. Tired of explanations, tired of thinking of answers, tired of planning, and tired of wondering why it had to happen to us.

We didn't care about "what-if"s. We had silenced those by honesty.
We didn't care about "could have"s. We had the answer.
We didn't care about learning a lesson. We knew how it was taught.

We didn't care about anything we usually cared about.
And we knew we'd probably care too much about not caring too.

The tough thing about life is, going through a same set of emotions which you truly believed you would never have to go through again. It's like telling the same stories, wearing a different dress.

The only difference is, good or bad still undecided, we knew we'd sail through it. We knew that certain things can not be changed through the power of will. And certain things can not be expressed through the power of words.

And we certainly knew, that it was never easy to know if you had done the right thing or not.

We knew that, besides having each other, we'd have to reunite with a lost friend, Faith, again. And we prayed that Hope would not mind too much. We made a great team.

"You guys make me have so much fun" said one of us.

The song had changed.

Even if it's a lie, say it will be alright,
And I shall believe....
That woman does know all.

* To those who have been there, done that. You know who you are *