Thursday, February 23, 2012


She patiently listened, as I spoke out my heart,
Her eyes were warm and tender and calm,
She told me to breathe and poured me some tea,
"Life", she said, " is never what it's meant to be."

She stroked my hair and wiped my cheek,
Her eyes gleamed of known agonies,
Her hands were soft and packed with care,
Her voice soothed and lacked despair.

"Darling", she said, as she brushed the hair off my brow,
"The world maybe confusing, with its ifs, whats and hows",
"It maybe cruel, and at times unfair",
"But it lends a lot of hope to those who dare".

"It teaches and troubles, it appeases and it bites",
"It nudges and pushes, till you break free of fright",
"You'll wonder why you have to deal with it all",
"But darling you see, it'll teach you to stand tall"

"There will be times when you'll cry from that pain",
"And at times you'll want to run away",
"But remember you have that strength in you",
"And if you believe, you can make it through".

"But", I said, "How can you be so sure?",
"This is something I haven't faced before!",
"What if I crash or what if I burn?",
"The road is forked, with bumps and turns!"

She laughed softly and looked at me,
"Sweetheart", she said, with empathy,
"You have your friends and your family",
"You have your years and your beliefs".
"And this is the time to fight your battles",
"This is the time to make your life",
"This is that time you leap and jump"
"This is your time to get it right!"


Praj ~ said...


Furquan Shaikh said...

Awesome! :-)

Pallavi's Baba. said...

My dear Mithila,

This is the first time, I'm reading a poem of ur blog, since Pallavi has fwded it to us.

Dare to care.

Work on this poem many times. Like an uncut rough diamond, it needs a lot of polishing.

I wish u the best in your efforts.
Thank you for taking care of Pallavi.

Peace and love,
- Joe Uncle (Pallavi's father).

Nachiket said...

Amazing ! :)

Nachiket said...

Indeed Perfect ! :)

Rahul Kamdar said...

Comforting! :)